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Meditation Sessions on the Gold Coast

Our Naturopath Chelsea Everingham runs a guided meditation session at our practice on Thursday nights at 6:30pm.

meditation at gold coast holistic dental care

What is meditation?

Meditation and especially mindfulness is a very useful, easily learnt and very helpful tool for stress and anxiety. 

Guided meditation sessions can be attended by everyone; from first time meditators to long term who have fallen out of practice and need a refresher or who simply want to enjoy the guided journey along with the social aspect. 

Sessions can include breathing exercises and progressive muscle relaxation (PRM) which are both very easy to learn tools anyone can add to their ‘stress, anxiety and sleep first aid kit’. Other helpful ‘emergency anti-stress and anxiety’ strategies are to list 5 things that you can see, 5 things you can hear, 5 things you can smell, and list 5 things you are grateful for then make yourself a cup of tea. Herbal teas such as chamomile, lavender and passionflower will calm the nervous system. The L-thaninene found naturally in Camilla sinensis leaves which is your green, oolong and black teas or the buds, which is white tea, is also calming for the nervous system.

A crystal bowl can help during meditation sessions to aid deep mediation. If you want to take your relaxation a step further after meditating, a useful relaxing technique is expressive art therapy. This is very useful for processing stress and anxiety as it helps us to access our subconscious thoughts and facilitate healing. A daily journaling practice can also assist as a way of ‘clearing the mind’ and can be done at bed time improving sleep. 

Where can I book a meditation session?

Meditation sessions take place every Thursday evening from 6:30 - 7:30pm at our practice.Sessions have to be pre-booked at

About our Naturopath Chelsea Everingham: 

Chelsea Everingham has studied with both Endeavour College of Natural Chelsea Everingham Naturopath Gold Coast Holistic Dental CareHealth and the Australian Institute of Applied Sciences which provide her a firm foundation in evidence based best practice which has equipped her to help a variety of people presenting with many states of disease; these can include but are not limited to digestive disorders, allergies, autoimmune, hormonal imbalances, stress and fatigue states.

She has completed a post-graduate workshop with the psycholgists of Trauma Sensitive Yoga which has equipped her with the above mentioned tools, along with some gentle movements to use and teach.

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