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Our Staff

Our Staff

The Gold Coast Holistic Health Team

Dr John Sotis | Principal Dentist staff image

Dr John Sotis

Principal Dentist

John graduated from the Bachelor of Dental Science program at the University of WA in 1993, and then moved to the beautiful Gold Coast in 1996 where he’s been practicing holistic dentistry ever since. With over 20 years’ experience, John is the most…

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Dr Shehab Faragallah | Dentist staff image

Dr Shehab Faragallah

Dentist BDSc (Queensland)

Shehab believes holistic dentistry is to see a patient as a complete individual rather than just focussing on treating teeth which gives him great satisfaction in his work. Having also practiced all other facets of the field including cosmetic, general,…

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Dr Tony Simeone  | Dentist staff image

Dr Tony Simeone

Dentist BDS (Adelaide)

Dr Simeone graduated from the University of Adelaide, South Australia in 1986 with a degree as a Bachelor of Dental Surgery and has over 30 years of clinical practice in both rural and metropolitan communities of South East Queensland.

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Dr Dan Hanson | Dentist staff image

Dr Dan Hanson

Dentist B.D.S (U.K.), M.B.I.B.H

Dr Dan Hanson is a dentist (B.D.S) and Buteyko breathing educator (M.B.I.B.H) who since 2011 has limited his practice to early interceptive treatment of soft tissue dysfunction, breathing dysfunction and malocclusion.

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Hutika Bourke | Oral Health Therapist staff image

Hutika Bourke

Oral Health Therapist

Hutika Bourke is our Oral Health Therapist who is passionate about helping her patients with their oral health. Above all else, Hutika values the overall health of her patients.

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Bradley Ferries | Chiropractor staff image

Bradley Ferries

Doctor of Chiropractic

Bradley Ferries is originally from a small city in the Great Lakes area of Southern Ontario, Canada. Growing up playing many sports including hockey, gridiron, basketball and weightlifting. Brad was under chiropractic care from an early age.

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Chelsea Everingham | Naturopath staff image

Chelsea Everingham


Chelsea wants you to be vibrant and well, physically and emotionally. As a Naturopath, Chelsea combines a love of traditional knowledge with a strong biomedical science background to utilise lifestyle, diet, nutrient and herbal supplementation…

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Debbie Simeone | Fitness Coach staff image

Debbie Simeone

Fitness Lifestyle Coach

Debbie began her career in 1983 as a dental assistant at the age of 17 here on the Gold Coast and worked in various practices both in rural and urban communities including Sydney CBD to become a qualified and well respected senior dental professional…

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Adriana Cayuela | Masseuse staff image

Adriana Cayuela

Masseuse & Dry Needling

Adriana, known as Dri to most, is a masseuse with over 10 years experience. She has been living in Australia for 16 years but completed her Shiatsu, Tuina and Reiki Master Training in Brazil in 2000 before making the move. Currently, she is completing…

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